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From farm, to kitchen

Full traceability on all our products.

We source from BRC approved suppliers who work with approved UK farms. They are are compliant to the relevant farm assurance schemes. 

Products are received and undergo a series of checks to ensure they are safe and legal. Raw materials must be compliant to the product specification before being accepted for further processing. All products are tracked all the way through our production to ensure full traceability is maintained.

Customer orders picked and dispatched with completed traceability information and barcode labelling enabling us to maintain the full audit trail. 

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CMB Foods is committed to supplying high quality meat products where the animals' welfare is of prime importance.  All of our suppliers farm in full compliance with current UK and EU  animal welfare legislation, codes of practice and any relevant farm assurance schemes.  Long-term multi-year relationships with our suppliers is crucial and helps to ensure the provenance of the products we sell is complete and trustworthy.

The majority of our suppliers are BRC approved and all are compliant with the relevant welfare and legislative requirements. Where possible we source from suppliers who are members of the Red Tractor/Farm Assurance schemes and are as local to us as possible to reduce the Food Miles involved in transportation.

Goods-In Process Booking in

After receiving a supplier's delivery, the products undergo a rigorous “booking-in” process to ensure all food safety, quality and traceability standards are met and recorded.

Our checks start with the supplier’s delivery vehicle. Before goods are off-loaded we check that the products have been transported safely, in a temperature controlled and clean environment. We also check for any potential cross-contamination such as foreign bodies, chemicals, pests, allergens or from other meat species within the same delivery

We also record specific product claims, such as Red Tractor, RSPCA Assured, Halal or Organic Certification, against the product.  Any non-conforming products will  be quarantined and passed to our Technical Department for investigation. Products may, possibly, be rejected if the conformance to the standards cannot be proven.

Goods-In Process Temperature controlled

We probe all chilled products to ensure they are delivered at the correct temperature. Our goods-in team then checks that all product labelling corresponds to the documentation sent from our supplier, which includes but is not limited to, batch numbers, use-by-dates, quantities and weights together with a visual quality check. 


Goods-In Process tracked & traceable

Once the products have been checked, all the traceability information is logged into our factory software and a unique number and barcoded label is issued that will enable us to track the product as it journeys through the factory.  

Customer Order Processing

CMB Foods prides itself on offering the freshest and highest quality products to its customers. We prepare and cut all our standard products to order. We use our bespoke factory software to keep a track on all orders as soon as they are placed, ensuring that everything is produced to meet the customer’s requirements.

Many of our customers place orders online via online procurement platforms (EDI) and we have recently invested a lot of resources into tying these directly into our software so the orders are automatically imported into our system. Streamlining orders like this greatly reduces the chances of order errors and has significantly increased efficiency and service levels.

Orders are immediately visible on the screens in the production rooms, enabling staff to allocate the necessary stock and jobs to fulfil the order. Production is segregated into red meat and poultry areas with no cross-contamination possible.

Our products are processed in a number of segregated areas within the factory to reduce the potential cross contamination

Red Meat Processing

All our red meat products are cut and processed in the red meat area by a dedicated team of butchers. They process all the joints of beef, lamb, pork etc. that we send out to customers according to the specifications on the individual product. This can involve anything from cutting, deboning, rolling and tying to dicing and mincing, but is all done with great care and attention.

Sausage processing area and glaze rooms

The sausage production room and glaze rooms are the segregation locations where allergen containing materials are handled. This is where all of our award winning sausages and a range of seasoned glazed meat and poultry products are made to order. 


Poultry Processing

All poultry products are prepared in a separate production room that is fully segregated with its own team of butchers. This is a very busy and highly organised area of our production. 

Delivery Van

Orders and dispatch

Upon completion of orders, all products are labelled with a barcode and individual batch number.  This offers full traceability - from the farm to the butcher who prepared your order.

The completed orders are dispatched in our company owned vehicles. All of our vans are refrigerated and tracked in a real-time system alerting us of any faults including any crucial changes in temperatures.

Our traceability system ensures swift tracking of any product discrepancy.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is a vital step in our production process and ensures the meat we send out  is completely as described and unadulterated in any way.

We are accredited to BRC Version 8 (the latest version) with Grade AA. We also are compliant to many Farm Assurance schemes, Red Tractor and we are an approved supplier for The Soil Association's "Food for Life".

This is why we pride ourselves on saying that we only sell…