Questions & answers

Do you supply Organic meat?

Yes. We are fully audited and approved by the Soil Association to stock and supply Organic products.

Is CMB environmentally friendly?

Yes. We have a full Environmental Policy that we follow. We recycle all our cardboard and we have stopped using excess packaging and send out orders in re-usable crates. Our vans are new, eco-friendly and use Ad-Blue. Our factory is fitted with power-saving fridges and a lighting system where the lights are motion activated so are only on when needed.

Can I have my order packed a certain way?

Yes. We can package your products to your specifications, let us know how you would like it done and we will do the rest.

Can I buy Vacuum bags from you for my Sous Vide?

Yes. We have a range of sizes you can buy, please call or email us to find out more.

Can you provide meat to enable me to gain the Food for Life Awards?

Yes. We can offer you Organic, Free-Range and Red Tractor meat and poultry products. Even our Famous Lingfield Sausages are approved for the scheme.

Do you supply whole pigs for Hog Roasts?

Yes. Please give us 3 days notice and we can arrange this. We will even score the skin for you - for free!

Will you come to me and do a display?

Yes. We have a “roadshow team” and various ways to display our products to you and your colleagues and customers.

Do you offer any butcher training?

Yes. We can come to you for a demonstration or you can come to us to learn how to prepare meat.

Can we come for a tour of your factory?

Yes. We love to show our customers and prospective customers what we do. Please give us a call and book in.

Can we hire your boardroom?

Yes. We have space for up to 30 people. We can host you and tell you about CMB Foods and then leave you to have your own meeting time as well.


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