Safe and secure meat deliveries to schools, hospitals and care homes

October 2020

We are able to supply all establishments with high quality produce using our own in-house, refrigerated delivery vans.  Our drivers adhere to all government guidelines to create a secure and safe delivery environment which, through our normal handling procedures, effectively removes any COVID-19 contamination.

If you would like more information on how we can help, please contact us.

We supply a number of schools, care homes and hospitals around the South East of England on a daily basis.  As well as a normal meat food service, chops, bacon, chicken etc. we have a range of our own produce.  Made to our own recipes, we supply sausages, meatballs and burgers,  which follow government guidelines in terms of fat, sugar and salt content.  Please see our quality products and the relevant nutritional information to explore our range of high quality meat food products.


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